Are you estate agents a relocation agent or a broker ?

We rent houses, flats, and property from landlords and provide accommodation to working professionals, graduates and students

You do not need to deal anymore with tenants estate agent and paperwork

We sign a 3-year commercial contract with you to take charge of your property and becoming your only tenant and point of contact.

During that time, we guaranty you a rent paid in time regardless of your property occupancy. Finding occupant, and manage everything from A to Z


Are you renting to students only?

Our occupant are professionals, postgraduate and students from Top business school and Universities.


How do you find your customer ?

We have built a strong network with the most famous and well know Corporate, Relocation agent and Top business school. Our portfolio is available through our website 


What are the fees ?

Our service is free of charge for you, We charge our resident for providing rooms that are inclusive of bills, wifi and weekly cleaning service.


So you pay the rent directly?

We’re your only tenant so we pay the rent to you directly.


How is property maintenance handled?

A specialised team is dedicated to the property management so they handle legal and maintenance situation. 

you will be just responsible financially for the usual things a landlord is responsible for.

We will always provide you with a quote prior to carrying out any work and we will arrange access so you do not have to get involved

Routine and anticipated things like gas safety certificates shall be organized by us; we’ll handle the logistics.


What about property inspections? How can I be sure that everything is always in order?

We conduct formal inspections every month and send photos directly to your inbox with full report.

However, our cleaners keep us informed of the state of the property on a weekly basis and if they voice any concerns we follow up immediately. And of course our staff carry out informal inspections every time they visit a property, whether it is for a viewing or to check a gas meter. If you wish, we can arrange for you to periodically inspect the property yourself to be fully transparent 




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They trust us