How does it works ?


All charges are included in the rent; furthermore, internet is provided free of charge in each flat.
All our units are fully equipped and furnished; furthermore, if you want additional facilities(a desk or table ...) we can supply them free of charge.
If you wish, we can meet you when you arrive in London and take you to your ready-made accommodation.
All the accommodation we offer is within a 5 minute walk to the Tube, shops, banks etc. To simplify ... your living abroad as far as possible.
If you want to spend your first night in comfort, we can provide the necessary bedding; duvet,sheets and pillow...
The tenants are students or young professionals; in addition, if you want to find out about the other tenants, our staff can help you.
Upon arrival in London, our team will meet you to hand over the keys to your accomodation and the rental agreement.
There is no agency fee. A one week charge covers the management fees. As soon as you have paid the management fee and pay the full balance, you are guaranteed to get the selected accomodation.
They trust us